5 indispensable items you need for bowling

November 18,2021

Since the activity, bowling, was invented in 1840, it has hardly changed. While the technology and material used have been upgraded the main equipment of this sport hardly changed since the main equipment of this sport are still a pair of bowling shoes and bowling ball. But with the interference of shape traders, there are more and more equipment for bowling sold on the market including bowling shoes, wrist guarders, finger tapes, bowling socks, and towel. Let’s take a look at how these items protect our body.


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Why do we need a pair of bowling shoes?


Bowling alley users shall wear bowling shoes. This is generally for 2 factors: safety and performance. The surface of the majority of bowling alley is flat, reasonably slick as well as devoid of debris.


Bowling shoes are made of pure leather, so there is less friction between the shoe and the walkway floor which ensures that the bowler has a forward slide at the moment he releases the ball. This slide cushions the pressure on the knee and prevents injury.


Why do we need wrist guarders?


Wrist guarders, also well known as elbow pads, are protective devices to prevent wrist from being hurt by falls, and are designed with cushions or hard shells. In order to reduce the weight of the equipment, the designer will design elbow pads and knee pads to be lighter, more beautiful, more convenient and practical.


For those who like to play tennis, badminton and bowling it is important to protect their elbows when they hit a ball, especially when they play backhand. Experts tell us that this is commonly called "tennis elbow". Moreover, this tennis elbow is mainly at the moment of hitting the ball, the wrist joint is not braked, the wrist is not locked, and the extensor muscle of the forearm is excessively pulled, causing damage to the attachment point. After protecting the elbow joint, the wrist joint is not protected, so there is still an excessive flexion when hitting the ball, which can aggravate the damage to the elbow joint.


How to choose a right bowling waist guarders?


Therefore, when playing tennis, if you feel elbow pain, you'd better wear wrist protectors as well as elbow protectors. Moreover, when you choose wristbands, you must choose those that have no elasticity. If the elasticity is too good, it will not play a protective role. Moreover, don't wear it too tight or too loose. Too tight will affect blood circulation, and too loose will not play a protective role.


Why do we need finger tapes?


The friction between your hand and the bowling ball can sometimes hurt your fingers. It can not only protect our ankle but also keep our fingers gesture in one position for better beating the ball. In addition, covering with tapes can not only prevent sweater stick on the ball resulting in slipping  but also add friction.


Why do we need bowling socks?


As we all know, bowling is a sport which usually creates a great inertia force, bringing human’s body forward abruptly. So manufacturers of bowling socks apply tough material to their bowling socks to prevent worn out. At the same time, sweat would also be a great challenge for the bowler, therefore cotton is a good material used to absorb sweat which has been applied into the bowling socks.


Why do we need towel?


Many players wipe down their ball after every throw. While part of the reason is psychological, particularly in building a routine, there are also some minor benefits to the action. Wiping down the ball can remove the accumulated oil that has collected on their track. What happens when a bowling ball goes down a lane is that it absorbs some of the oil as it travels toward the pins. Accumulated oil could delay the friction between the bowling ball and the lane, causing the ball to slide forward, rather than spin.


Many bowlers prepare a towel to wipe the bowling ball before each pitch. Although there are some psychological factors, I have to admit that this is a good habit of preparing before the game. Because the towel can wipe away the sweat and stains on the ball surface. Sweat reduces friction between the bowling ball and the fairway, causing the ball to slide forward rather than spin.


In conclusion


If you want to achieve a good score at your bowling competition, the above goods would do you a favor. They are also conducive to your bowling game just for entertainment since they can prevent you from hurting. By the way if you are looking for custom bowling socks, welcome to visit our website.


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