Buying Guide For Soft Touch Socks

November 23,2021

As fast moving consumer goods, everyone should consume hundreds of socks in life. We choose thin, light and short socks in scorching summer days while thick socks with soft touch feeling would be the preference for the cold winter days. But we never spend time choosing socks by comparing their materials and styles since buying a pair of socks won’t come to our mind until you find you have no suitable socks to meet the changed weather. Learn more shopping tips is not a bad thing. Let’s start to learn the types of soft touch socks.


Soft Touch Socks


The types of materials of socks


Combed cotton:

Combed cotton yarn is smoother, flatter, textured, washable and durable.



Cotton socks are the most common and common socks, which feature in sweat-absorbent, breathable, soft and warm, durable and comfortable.


Mercerized cotton:

Mercerized cotton socks feature in better gloss, smoother hand feeling, and less prone to wrinkling so they are suitable for summer days.



It can be mixed with various artificial and natural fibers, and has extraordinary stretching and recovery properties.



It is the most wear-resistant and strong synthetic fiber, which is very light in weight and good in elasticity.



Polyester socks are featuring in high strength, whose impact strength is 4 times higher than nylon and 20 times higher than viscose fiber.



Tencel socks are comfortable, strong and tough, with silky touch and gloss, and good drape.


Bamboo fiber:

Bamboo fiber socks features in good breathability, antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet, so it is the first choice for summer days.



This material can decompose naturally, and modal socks feature in its soft touch feeling.


Factors for buying soft touch socks


  1. Brand

Socks manufactured from experienced factories have a degree quality guarantee since these professional manufacturers possess advanced equipment and mature producing technology. So brand socks seldom have quality problems.


  1. Material


As we concluded above, there are so many types of materials which are applied to socks. Different fabric has different functions and wearing experiences. For example, nylon stockings and towel socks are generally selected in winter. Socks woven from different materials have different feelings and different prices. Of course, the choice of socks varies from person to person.


  1. Dimensions


The size specification of socks is based on the size of the bottom of socks (referring to the part from heel to tip of socks). General dimensions are marked on the trademark. According to the length of feet, it is better to choose equal or slightly larger sizes, not small ones.


  1. Quality


It can be summed up by six words: "tight, loose, big, light, neat and clear", that is, the sock mouth and sock system are important, the sock bottom should be loose, the sock heel should be large, the sock surface should be smooth, the mouth should be flat and unskewed, the needle pattern organization should be clear, and the pattern, sock tip and sock heel should not be exposed.


  1. Objects


Babies should choose cotton socks with moderate tightness of socks, dense sewing, thick socks and soles, simple colors and moderate socks. The elderly should wear socks with good ventilation and moisture removal. Wearing socks with too tight socks may cause high blood pressure for a long time. Pregnant women can choose socks or loose cotton socks, and should not wear too tight socks. Pregnant women with varicose veins or edema can wear pregnant women's socks.


In conclusion


Having a deeper understanding about fabric materials can not only help you choose socks in different weather but also help you select other clothes. And if you have enough knowledge about  fabric you will no longer be treated by clothes merchants. By the way if you are looking for socks wholesaler, please spend a few minutes visiting our website. Soft touch socks wholesale with different fabrics are available.