Buying Guide for Compression Socks

November 23,2021

On the marathon track, we often see many runners wearing compression socks. Why are compression socks so popular? What are the benefits of wearing compression socks?


The Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks


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✔️ Sports protection


After prolonged exercise, your calf will be affected by gravity due to the increase in blood flow, blood (and tissue fluid) will pool in the lower limbs, causing blood circulation to slow down, which makes you feel the entire calf muscles swell and sore.


Compression socks can alleviate this problem.


Compression socks is made of highly elastic woven fabric, which can fully wrap and compress the calf.


More importantly, compression socks have a gradually decreasing gradient pressure from bottom to top, thereby promoting the return of venous blood and reducing blood stasis and swelling in the lower limbs.


✔️ Relieve fatigue


By giving muscle support, compression socks can reduce the tremor of the calf muscles during the whole running process, which can reduce the damage and fatigue of the fine muscle structure to a certain extent.


Compression socks have a protective effect in long-distance running. Even if it does not significantly improve sports performance, its effect on reducing fatigue and promoting recovery is certain.


✔️ Improve running performance


The principle of compression socks is to provide positive pressure to the unidirectional flow of blood vessel valves. The pressure difference between the ankle and the knee can promote the return of blood to the heart, and at the same time, it can resist the influence of gravity on blood flow.


Compression socks can increase the pressure of the calf muscles, thereby speeding up blood circulation and providing more oxygen to the muscles.


In theory, wearing compression socks can allow oxygen and energy substances to enter the muscles faster and improve performance during exercise. At the same time, it can effectively dispose of lactic acid and easily excrete other metabolic waste from the muscles, allowing you to maintain high efficiency for a longer period of time.


How to Buy Suitable Compression Socks?


🔵 Refuse cotton socks


When choosing running socks, the most important consideration is the fabric. If you run in cotton socks, your feet are prone to bacteria and blisters. Not only that, running in cotton socks in winter will make you feel wet and cold.


High-performance compression socks are specially designed for runners. They can take moisture away from the skin and avoid friction with your feet, which all help keep your feet comfortable and dry.


The ideal compression socks are made of synthetic materials such as acrylic, Coolmax and nylon. When you buy new compression socks, you should pay attention to their ingredients.


🔵 Choose the right size


When you are running, it is important to wear a pair of compression socks that fit your feet.


It should not irritate your skin, nor should it leave obvious strangulation marks, especially on your calves or ankles.


In addition, your compression socks should be worn close to your feet, but not too tight to overstretch or restrict toe movement.


🔵 Pay attention to thickness


Thick compression socks usually have extra padding on the heel and toe area, providing better sole comfort, more cushioning and blistering protection. )


Generally speaking, thick socks are most suitable for the cold season.


On the other hand, thin socks are lighter, and the road feels better when you wear them for running, but they are more likely to cause excessive friction.


All in all, you should choose compression socks with filling in all contact parts.


The above are some tips I shared about buying compression socks. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you are looking for a wholesale compression socks exporter, we look forward to being your choice and will provide you with attentive service and high-quality products.