Did You Choose The Right Socks?

November 25,2021

As our must-have underwear, socks are of great importance. A pair of well-worn socks can make our comfort and happiness rise wirelessly! But do you know how to choose the socks that suit you? Today, I will mainly share with you the tips for choosing socks.




The importance and necessity of choosing good socks


A thousand miles begins with a single step! We often consider what shoes to buy, and ignore the choice of socks. However, a pair of low-quality socks often have problems such as tight ankles, easy breakage, fading, smelly feet, etc., which brings us a very bad experience and even affects the people around us. Wearing low-quality socks and sports shoes for a long time may cause tinea pedis and other diseases. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose a good pair of socks!


The choice of socks is also asked by universities. We need to choose the brand, material, thickness, color, matching, length, dry feet and sweaty feet, etc., to choose the socks that suit us. Choosing the right socks will add a lot of points to the shoes, and it will make the feet have a good experience all day.


So not much to say, then I will share with you the tips for choosing socks.


Tips for choosing socks


👉Choose a good brand


There are many socks on the market, so you should choose a well-known brand. Because well-known brands have strict regulations on production materials, craftsmanship, etc., and the inspection standards are also high, the quality can be guaranteed.


👉Choose a good texture


Socks are like underwear. Socks made of different textures feel different when worn on the body, and their prices vary greatly.


👉Choose hue


Skin color stockings are timeless colors, which can be matched with various fashions; gray is natural and generous, and plain clothes are better; black is sexy and versatile, can be a tooling embellishment for OL girls, or a great weapon for hot girls in nightclubs.


👉See quality


It can be summarized as "tight, loose, large, smooth, neat and clear", that is, the opening and tube of the sock should be tight, the bottom of the sock should be loose, the heel of the sock should be large, the surface of the sock should be smooth, the rib should be flush without skew, the needle pattern organization should be clear, and the pattern, sock tip and heel should have no exposed needle.


👉See thickness


When buying silk stockings, you will find that there is always a "D" letter on the packaging bag, which is the abbreviation of denier, representing the thickness of silk stockings. Generally speaking, 40D - 60D are spring and autumn stockings, and more than 60D are winter stockings; In summer, the D value of silk stockings is generally below 20, and 5D is ultra-thin silk stockings. At present, there is a kind of thickened warm velvet stockings used in winter, with a D value of more than 1600. In fact, this kind of stockings is almost like autumn pants. But if silk stockings contain Lycra material, it only needs 25D to replace autumn pants in winter. Such silk stockings are more comfortable and lightweight than autumn pants, and can better show women's beautiful curves.


Precautions for socks selection


  • Don't buy three no products from roadside stalls.


Most of them are produced in small workshops, and the biggest temptation is that they are particularly cheap. However, most of those socks are of poor quality and are very unfriendly to the feet. Grinding feet, smelly feet and holes occur from time to time. Wearing low-quality socks for a long time will even cause foot diseases.


  • Material selection should be careful.


The material subdivision of socks can be divided into dozens of kinds. For example:


Wool: warm but not sweat absorbing, easy to wet feet, not easy to dry, love to pilling;


Silk: light and breathable, not stuffy feet, but not strong, not wear-resistant, not easy to take care of thin and thick;


Nylon: easy to dry and wash, strong and durable, good flexibility, multi-color and diverse, but airtight, gradually replaced;


Polyester: strong, light and elastic, but poor dyeing, easy to stain, airtight, easy to breed bacteria, resulting in foot odor;


Cotton: high quality cotton socks are strong, sweat absorbing, non smelly feet and good antibacterial effect. Today's cotton socks are integrated with nano silver ions. The fabric is elastic, comfortable and breathable. It also has a good improvement effect on beriberi. It is the best choice in summer;


Bamboo fiber: it is a new sock fabric with natural bamboo as raw material. It has the function of inhibiting and deodorizing. It has the best moisture absorption, moisture release and air permeability, and the wear resistance is slightly worse. When selecting, you should pay attention to the composition table, and make it clear that the real bamboo fiber socks are those with bamboo fiber content.


  • The color, collocation, length and pattern shall be selected according to your own conditions and consumed rationally.


One price, one goods. If you have sweaty feet, choose more expensive socks will give your feet a good experience.


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