Should You Wear Socks In Summer?

November 22,2021

Do you wear socks in summer? Do you wear compression socks in summer? Do you wear printed compression socks in summer?


These all seem to be controversial topics so far.


Some people say: why to wear socks in the summer, so hot to wait to take all off, why wear? ! Some people say: it must wear socks in summer, why not wear it? Sweaty feet, wet sour odor, this is the feeling of not wearing socks. Would you like to try?


Well, as a hosiery lover, our advice is: wear!


custom printed compression socks


Why should you wear socks in summer?


Because you don’t wear socks, you might:


  • Grinding feet;


  • The smell of sweat on the soles of the feet is more obvious, and it is easy to increase the chance of fungal infection and athlete's foot;


  • Reduce the service life of shoes;


  • The feet are exposed to the sun to tan and sunburn, and the feet are exposed to dust, bacteria, etc. The probability of injury is high;


The merits of wearing socks in summer


In the previous article, we mainly discussed the benefits of wearing printed compression socks, but for those who do not like to wear socks, it is more like a cliché. Today we mainly discuss why we should wear socks.


The easiest place to grind the feet is often the heel and the outside of the toes. Hard shoes are usually the main reason for rubbing your feet. People who have had this kind of foot grinding experience basically don't want to do it again. It is easy to understand the smell of sweat on the soles of the feet. In summer, the human body’s metabolism is relatively strong, and the feet sweat a lot. In addition, many shoes are not well breathable. They can easily become sour and smelly "stinky feet" (or athlete's foot). Over time, bacteria breed more. The soles of the feet are simply a fungus paradise. Itching between the toes, red, dry, scaly, cracked, and blistered skin on the feet are the symptoms of fungal infections.


If you don’t wear socks in summer, a lot of bacteria will grow after your feet sweat, and the sour smell will become more and more obvious. This will affect the overall shape and service life of the shoes for a long time. And the wearing experience is not good, the soles of the feet will be "sticky" with the insoles, which is not breathable and uncomfortable.


It is a common phenomenon that feet are exposed to the sun in summer and tend to turn black after UV exposure. And the feet are openly exposed to the external environment of dust and bacteria, and the probability of infection and injury also increases.


Therefore, socks are still to be worn.


Why do you choose Ascen socks?


Since you want to wear it, what kind of socks you wear is very important. Having an advantage of natural, warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture wicking, antibacterial and deodorant, soft and delicate, biodegradable and natural sun protection, that is our Ascen socks.


Ascen's socks are made of nylon and spandex.


Nylon is used in sports socks to increase firmness. Because of the addition of nylon, the socks are not easily damaged.


Spandex has excellent elasticity, and its strength is 2-3 times higher than latex yarn, its linear density is finer, and it is more resistant to chemical degradation. Used to make socks, it can make socks more elastic and absorbent, and you don't have to worry about the harm of foot odor.


After processing through spinning and dyeing process, Ascen socks can help block harmful light from the sun (UPF 20+ shade protection), which means that when the sun is strong, wearing a pair of our printed compression socks can help effectively reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.


Good products can make you go further and feel better. In summer, it is home to ankle socks and print compression socks. If you want to custom printed compression socks, please feel free to contact us!