The Strongest Guide To Choosing Basketball Socks

November 19,2021

The athlete will tell you: socks are significant. Players must know how socks can bring comfort, protection, and grip. In addition, you may find our previous guide for selecting basketball socks, but the focus of this article is different, here is based on the characteristics of basketball socks, especially some misunderstandings when you may choose.


The size of the feet is a major differentiating factor between athletes. The thickness of the socks is closely related to the playing style, and is equally important. Therefore, basketball socks are a kind of sports socks, divided into short socks, middle socks and stockings. If you wear a pair of ordinary boat socks to play, you can imagine that it will teach you a lesson.


Many basketball players choose custom socks, such as custom sublimated basketball socks, to make the game smoother. Have you ever thought about why they wear basketball socks?


custom sublimated basketball socks


Why wear basketball socks

The first is to protect your ankles, as well as prevent foot grinding, sweat absorption, anti-skid, etc. You don't want to play basketball and wear a club. Your feet do not slip in the shoes, so you can keep your feet jumping and gripping.


The strongest guide to choosing basketball socks

Design (color, style, style, design language, functionality)

It is basically divided into two directions, with design and without design. With design refers to a designer or team who has studied design and is developing and trying different Style, now many are purely determined by personal buying tendency. Young people like things with a sense of design (multiple colors, complicated line designs, and complicated weaves). Older ones may want the sense of safety and security brought by the brand. Many years of technology precipitation, and I don't like the fancy design.


  • Feature

Many people will mind the functionality of basketball socks and think that a good pair of basketball socks can better protect the feet during intense exercise and of course be more comfortable. Yes, for basketball socks, thickening of the sole of the foot is necessary. Throwing these doubts, because the thickened loop can protect the sole of the foot well under long-term strenuous exercise. If it is the wrong place (half and half lint on the outside of the thumb toe), it will quickly make your feet blisters, because that will increase friction.


  • Wrapping

Strong wrapping is to ensure that the feet do not slip in the socks, and it is also the basis to ensure that the socks and the soles do not slip. The wrapping is the direction of a lot of research, because the wrapping is the most intuitive for you after the fluffing feels comfortable.


The breathable area (breathable mesh weave method) must be considered when designing. Let me say it first. This direction has not undergone any professional research. It is purely a research on the products on the market and a standard for myself. So, you asked me how much ventilation can be in the ventilation zone? What is the standard? I don't have a strict standard, because some brand socks (individual styles) are not designed with a special breathable texture to knit. You have to ask me if they have done the test, researched it, and I tend to them not researched it. But when I design to strengthen the wrapping, I must ensure the existence of breathable texture.



Is the cotton content in the fabric important? Of course it is important. Many people think that the fabric feels different as soon as I put it on or touch it, but it is actually wrong. Socks are not clothes. Different fabrics can be seen at a glance, as is the thickened area of ​​the socks (this part should be made of pure cotton yarn). Teach you a little trick, turn out the thickened and fluffy part of the sole (only the sole of the socks, it is meaningless to discuss the cotton content in other places), pick out a yarn (do not directly burn the sole), and burn it.


The ones that will harden and have black smoke are not pure cotton. Once the cotton is burned, there will be no black smoke, it will not harden, only a little ashes. Note that you don't need to burn too much (one or two selected yarns are enough). We burnt out the entire bottom of the sock at first, and burned out many samples. Later, we found that this was meaningless. Because of the particularity of socks (considering stretching, they must be elastic), there is no 100% basketball socks, and materials such as elastic and spandex yarn must be used, so only the soles of the socks are selected when they are burned. The inner line can come out.


What are the benefits of high cotton content?

Sweat-absorbent-breathable-non-slip. Some people think that deodorization is actually not completely accurate, because the real deodorization must be added with an antibacterial veil to prevent the growth of foot bacteria. This is deodorization.


Is it an illusion that the smell of pure cotton is smaller than that of chemical fiber?

It's not an illusion, the taste is really small. It is because after the above mentioned that after absorbing sweat and ventilating, there is not so much sweat that can not be drained out of the feet, so there is no serious peculiar smell. If you want to minimize the odor, you should also consider antibacterial cotton yarn (it will work, but there is a limit on the number of times).


basketball custom socks



Pure cotton socks have a better anti-slip effect than cotton polyester (that is, cotton and chemical fiber) or pure polyester (purified fiber) fabrics. Pure cotton pilling, someone will definitely ask this question, you are right, pure cotton does pilling, but relatively high-quality cotton will reduce pilling. However, even if it is pure chemical fiber material that cannot be purified, it will pilling when used in the bottom of the socks (the length of time is related to the wearing strength).



Brand premium. Don't underestimate the premium of this brand. Socks are not something that mobile phones start with thousands of dollars and dozens of dollars. In addition to the premium rate of the brand, it immediately changed a price level. Is that high-priced one must be good? It depends on the direction you choose, and if you want a good fabric, it depends on the cotton content.


There are many options for you, you can buy basketball custom socks here. Well, we also can meet your personal needs according to your own idea.


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